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August 22, 2013


by Rev. A. J. Iovine

From the Witness-Mercy-Life Together Blog, written by LCMS Secretary Ray Hartwig:

Working through the resolutions adopted by the 2013 convention, one or two stand out in importance above the others. You may have your own choices. Perhaps they will be the same as mine. But perhaps not.

Which is not to say that there are any that are unimportant. All are important to some of us–even those bylaw-change resolutions that go on and on about this and that in our life together. And some are important to all of us, as are many of the witness, mercy, and life together resolutions that often are passed with little or no discussion. And several are especially important for our Synod right now–those declaring church fellowship, or those addressing SMP/licensed deacon issues, or those addressing our Synod’s relationship with its schools.

But two in particular are at the top my list right now. My list was a list of one until listening to the news this past week. I added Res. 1-09A “To Prepare LCMS Congregations and Pastors for Defense of our Christian Faith.” Its first whereas paragraph strikes me as one of the most timely and important paragraphs adopted by the convention three weeks ago: “Christ foretold that Christians throughout the world will suffer persecutions for Christ’s name (John 16:33).” It brings to mind and prayer Egypt and those Coptic Christians burning to death in defense of their burning churches and their Christian faith. We watch from (for now) a safe distance, but we also know that such reaction to the Gospel, when running wild, would be no gentler or kinder on this side of the globe.

But my first choice for the “resolution of greatest moment” remains closer to home. It would be easy to overlook Res. 4-15 with an “Oh, that again” dismissal, but it addresses what can arguably be the most successful tool Satan has employed in years, if not centuries….

Res. 4-15 “To Reaffirm Synod Position on Creation” says it so well: “[H]ypotheses of macro, organic, and Darwinian evolution, including theistic evolution or any othe rmodel denying special, immediate and miraculous creation, undercut …support for the honoring of life as a gift of God” and “continue[s] to undermine teachings on marriage, human sexuality, the value and dignity of all human life, and the conduct and ordering of human relationships in family and society that are in accordance with Scripture and natural law.”

For the entire post at WMLT Blog, click here.

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