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July 27, 2013

Returned from St. Louis

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Arriving at Newark Airport yesterday morning following my stint at the LCMS Convention in St. Louis, I had no urge to kneel down and kiss the ground of New Jersey. I just wanted to get back to work.

Upon arriving here at church Friday morning, I noticed a few positive things went on while I was voting ‘yes’ and ‘no:’

1. The parking lot is seemingly fixed. The runoff problem area we’ve had near the entrance was repaved. After 2 years of asking the paving company to fix the issue, they arrived this week and got the job done. Also, the small pot hole outside the parsonage on Grand Street, a hole that’s been there since the wintertime, that, too, has been repaired.

2. My internet connection at the house was fixed by Verizon. You know, when you pay for high speed internet, you expect it to be high speed. My complaints prior to my exiting New Jersey for Missouri went unheeded by the men and women of Verizon. To my surprise, upon turning on my iPad yesterday after arriving home, the connection was flying.

3. The Trustees at church filed for a technology grant with the New Jersey District’s CHEF Board.

As I posted to Facebook yesterday, I think I need to go off on LCMS business more often.

There are a lot good things that happened at the Convention. Before our worship services this evening and tomorrow morning, I will tackle a few of them. Otherwise, I intend to write a lengthy report to St. Matthew’s and our Circuit over the coming days.

And finally this Saturday morning: Some things about St. Louis, MO I will miss:

1. The guy who swore that I prayed for him and his family on 4th Street last week, even when I told him I wasn’t that man. Of course, after thanking me, he asked for money. And as Rudy Giuliani taught me, “Just say no.” Or was it Rudy who taught, “When someone asks you for money, call the cops.” I can’t remember.

2. Love the fact that at Lambert Airport at 5:00am, the restaurant/bars are open and people are sitting down drinking beer.

3. I still can’t believe that I saw a jalapeno bagel. My Jewish friends will shake their heads, as do I, but it was pretty good.

4. Busch Stadium is way too nice and has a greater baseball feel than the Cathedral in the Bronx, Yankee Stadium.

5. The daily worship at Convention. The renewing of friendships. The making of new ones.

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