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June 27, 2013

Politics and the Supreme Court (Thursday Morning Coffee)

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

(I haven’t written a Morning Coffee post in a few days.)

Watching and reading the news yesterday, everything was about the Supreme Court and same-sex marriage. In two court cases, the Supreme Court acted as a political body, not a legal one, saying on one hand, that the voter’s will in California be damned, and in a second, that the Federal government cannot discriminate against same-sex couples who are married when it comes to Federal benefits, i.e. Social Security and taxes. The reason I say that they acted like a political body is that the arguments raised by the majority in both rulings read like a political statement rather than a legal one. Those who support marriage between one man and one woman are laughed at, ridiculed as being bigoted. As I read the Court’s majority opinion on the Defense of Marriage Act case, I couldn’t help but have my stomached turned by the political spinning by the five justices.

Or as Mollie Hemingway wrote this morning:

One of the unfortunate things about the debate over the basis of marriage (sexual complementarity or sexual orientation) is how people who support the former have their arguments deliberately ignored and dismissed and disparaged as bigotry.

It’s one thing for college freshmen fresh out of their multi-culti indoctrination to make such claims. It’s one thing for groupthink journalists unable to understand basic philosophy to make such claims. But it’s entirely another thing when the highest court in the land asserts that same claim.

Overall, the world has not ended (though we Christians do hope the end comes quickly, not because of same-sex marriage, but because when the end comes, we’ll be with Christ).

None of us can be surprised at the outcome.

And the Church will go on, not apologizing for believing the Word of God and standing firm in our belief that marriage is between one man and one woman while at the same time loving those who disparage us, attack us, call us names, and who portray us as hate-filled bigots. It always makes me giggle when those who profess openness and caring for others use such disparaging terms for people who pray.

Kyrie eleison.

Sprinklers at Church

We’ve been having some issues with the sprinklers around church. One zone doesn’t work. One of the outside switching boxes flooded. Some of the sprinkler heads needed replacing.

These repairs are in the process to be completed.


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