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June 20, 2013

It's Thursday and I'm Dragging

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

I do not know what it is, but I am finding that Thursdays are more challenging to my “get up and go” morning routine. Of course, it is quite possible that my slowness is getting my engines revving on Thursdays stem from Wednesday night’s worship service. Of course, it is not the most challenging service to prepare for each week, but it still provides me with plenty of stress. My greatest worry is that my homily will miss the point. In the hours leading up delivering my homily on Wednesdays, I constantly battle the internal forces that lead me to mentally reformulate my mini-sermon.

Last night, for example, I was sitting in the library reading through my electronic notes from where my homily was built. Honestly, I hated every formulated sentence. Ugh. So there I was, banging my head against wall moments before people arrive for worship. And the homily I delivered last night? I didn’t like it.

Let me be clear – it is not that my homily lacked Law and Gospel or some reflective theological point based on our coming weekend’s Epistle reading from Galatians 3 and 4. To me, the homily was all over the place. I should have just left it alone and not try to change it at the last minute.

These worries seem to feed my anxiety level leading up to our worship service. And when everything is finished and I am back at the house, I fall asleep, though last night’s Stanley Cup Finals game caught my attention. Yet every Thursday morning when I awaken from sleep, I realize a few things:

1. I actually slept. In fact, I sleep longer on Wednesday night/Thursday morning than I do at any other time in the week.

2. When I awake up, I feel tired and just want to stay in bed (a normal reaction to sunrise, or so I am told).

3. And when I get out of bed, I really don’t want to do anything (people also tell me this is a normal reaction to waking up).

Today was no different. After getting ready for the day, I headed over to church, opened the sanctuary door and sat down in my office. I felt blah. I didn’t want to get up.

And the funny thing — tomorrow, I will wake up early and be raring to go.

Outdoor Worship and Church Picnic

If you haven’t already gotten the hint this week, this coming Sunday is Saint Matthew’s annual outdoor worship service and church picnic. Everything starts at our summer time Sunday worship time of 9:30am. Church takes place in the backyard, where the picnic will be held following our worship service.

New Portals of Prayer

This weekend when you come to our outdoor worship service, please pick up a copy of next quarter’s Portals of Prayer. Large and mini editions are available.


Yes, our church website is undergoing a little bit of a change. Right now, there is nothing too dramatic. The links that went across the top of the page with pull down menus are now found on the left side. Some of our older pages have been “retired.” Others are seeing refreshes. And yes, we will be adding additional pages throughout the summer.

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