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May 30, 2013

Prayer, Bible Study, 9:30am — Quick Issues for Morning Coffee

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Just a few items for this not-so-early Thursday morning:

1. Starting this weekend, our Sunday worship service moves to 9:30am for the summer time. Yes, I know – it is not officially summer, just yet. But after the small heat wave we’re going through lasts through Sunday worship, it will feel like summer time.

2. A reminder: Our annual Wine Tasting event is being held on Saturday, June 8 beginning at 6pm at The Garden Cafe here in New Milford. Tickets are $25. Call me to reserve your tickets.

3. The Borough was around this morning painting street lines on the newly paved Center Street outside of church. Nothing too dramatic, I know.

4. This Sunday, we’re NOT holding our regular Bible Study after church. Instead, we’re taking time to talk about prayer and how it plays a part in the ministry at Saint Matthew’s. This is my nice way of saying, “Don’t run away after church; stick around for 30 minutes.”

5. I will be working in the home office for the parts of the day when I am not at hospitals or homes visiting people. Working from the house is just, at times, easier.

6. My once-flooded email inbox is now down to 5 emails. My “need to return these phone calls” list is done. I still have three calls I have to make, but it is only three. Let the Lord be praised!

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