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May 9, 2013

Rain … Rain … Rain: Morning Coffee for Thursday

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

morning coffee graphicOn Monday, a local weathercaster took to the early morning airwaves to explain that we are about 3 to 4 inches shy of our regular rain totals, but don’t fear — rain is on the way.

Bill Evans was correct.

The past two days have been rainy, though it hasn’t been steady. Bands of rain have moved through our area over the past 32 hours, dropping heavy rain in spurts. Yesterday, our New Milford area received approximately a tad over two inches of rain. So far this Thursday, the rain has fallen intermittently, but the just completed shower was quite heavy. This type of on-and-off, hit and miss rain is going to be with us at least through Saturday. The weather on Mother’s Day is supposed to be partly sunny.

Until then, we’re getting the rain the ground needs. We thank the Lord for every drop.

Running Around Thursday, Doctor’s Appointment Friday

There are times when I look at my calendar and shake my head. Today is one of those days. It is not that I have an overwhelming lot to accomplish, but the list of what that needs accomplishing is so varied, I can’t figure out why I schedule it all for the same day. Therefore, I will be in and out of the church office all day. In fact, as soon as I post this, I will be heading out to Paramus. I should be back in the church office by 11, 11:30am.

After, I have to complete the outline of my weekend sermon; write the prayers; finish up the digital services I use on the weekends; and work with the new Microsoft Publisher program to figure out how to use it. All of this work will be completed either in my church office or in the home office. Following this fun stuff, I will have lunch (I can write about this later). My afternoon is filled with a hospital visit with a non-member, a community-based meeting dealing with local issues, a counseling session in Hackensack, and trying to complete the telephone call list on my desk that’s about 11 deep right now. And when that’s all done, I have one final counseling session at the house and then I have to try and finish a book that my doctor wants me to read by Friday morning (that really isn’t going to happen since I am on page 51 of 352).

Tomorrow morning, Morning Prayer has been canceled since I have a doctor’s appointment in New York City. After, I am heading up to Westchester and then back to New Jersey, where I have two visits in the afternoon on Friday.

Oh, and the hymn boards need to be changed.

In Our Prayers …

We pray for the Christians in Syria who are facing many hardships. The country is in the midst of an ongoing civil war, that has torn the country apart. But they are also are facing turmoil caused by Muslim extremists who want to wipe the Christian faith out of Syria. Ask the Lord to grant them strength of faith and to the entire country peace.

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