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May 8, 2013

A New Book: Morning Coffee

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

This morning at church, I announced that our Morning Prayer service on Friday is canceled.

My Friday afternoon doctor’s appointment was changed last night. Instead of driving over to New York City in the middle of the afternoon and returning to New Jersey in the height of rush hour, instead I will be huffing it over to the City in early morning rush hour for a 9am health examination. Either way, I figure to sit in traffic. On the phone last night, the nurse said I should look at the appointment change in a positive way — I won’t have to fast all day. Fine…

WholeOne of the important parts of my medical care is that my doctors – the entire array of medical professionals I get the great pleasure to see many times a year – encourage me to study nutrition. All of them are supporters of eating a whole foods, plant based diet that shuns animal products of any kind. They want me to understand that what happens inside my body has a direct link to what I put in my mouth.

Routinely, they fire off an email telling me of the latest book touting this lifestyle I have adopted. The latest: Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s “Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition.”

T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study definitively answered the question, what should we eat to optimize our nutrition and our health? Backed by the most extensive study of nutrition ever conducted, it gave us a simple but powerful answer: a diet based on whole, plant-based foods. Whole picks up where The China Study left off, answering the question, Why does a whole-food, plant-based diet provide optimal nutrition? Whole demonstrates how far the scientific reductionism of the nutrition orthodoxy has gotten off track and reveals the elegant wonders of the true holistic workings of nutrition, from the cellular level to the operation of the entire organism.

Of course, one of my doctors wants me to read it by Friday. I pre-ordered the book in January and since it was published yesterday, Tuesday, May 7, my copy was delivered late yesterday afternoon. Considering that the book is 352 pages and I am on page 42, chances of me finishing it by Friday morning are fairly slim.

I will give it a valiant try. I encourage you to pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, or Amazon. You never know, it may just change your life.

The Wednesday Schedule

Today, I will be cleaning up a number of projects on my docket and will begin to write my weekend sermon, well, at least the sermon I will deliver on Saturday evening at 5pm. I will be working in both the church and home offices (right now, in the home office) during the day.

This evening, I will be in church at 7pm for our Wednesday evening worship service followed by Bible study. By the way, our Sunday morning Bible study resumes this Sunday after church.

In Our Prayers…

Today, we remember the victims of the recent flooding in the Midwest. Pray to the Lord of all mercy for not just the waters to recede, but also for the growth of hope in Christ. May the church do what it can to help people rebuild their lives.

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