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May 2, 2013

Really Late Morning Coffee: CPH and The Sidewalk

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

In an email exchange today, a brother clergyman complained that Concordia Publishing House “charges way too much for shipping. They should be more like Amazon instead of trying to nickel and dime us to death!!!!”

Something tells me that he had a little too much caffeine this morning. (By the way, today’s Morning Coffee was Maxwell House: House Blend; not too bad; now I’m finishing up my second cup of green tea.)

Concordia Publishing House is in the business to supply Lutherans and Lutheran Churches with the best and most theologically significant Lutheran items in the publishing world. They are not the place to buy Dan Brown’s latest book. They are the place to buy a Lutheran study bible. You can’t buy breakfast cereal, an iPhone case, K-Cups, and a dress for your daughter at CPH; you can on Amazon, the multibillion dollar online shopping behemoth.

Shipping costs are annoying, I get it. As more and more of us get used to ordering items online and having them shipped, we always look for low or free shipping options. I love Amazon because I have a subscription to their $79 a year two-day shipping program. I love Amazon. To me, it is a wonderful service to know that I can pre-order the latest Rip Esselstyn book and know that on the day it publishes, it is going to be at my front door.

But CPH is different. They serve the Church. They don’t have billions of dollars in the bank whereby they can offer two-day shipping for one minimal annual cost. CPH exists to serve and provide Lutherans with the best Lutheran publishing in the world.

And believe it or not, it costs money to ship books, church envelopes, Confirmation certificates, church candles, bulletin covers, etc. CPH offers options on shipping; sometimes here at church, we opt for the lowest cost and the longer shipping time. But we pay for shipping. I pay for shipping when I order items.

We should be happy CPH exists for us.


The construction crews were back here at church this morning finishing up the corners on our part of Center Street. Cement was poured and now it is drying. It should be dried by sometime tomorrow, or so said one of the construction crew who was worried that when they cut the sidewalk for the new tactile cue installation, they took two parking spaces away from us.

Everything is OK.

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