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April 23, 2013

Afternoon Tea: Organic Green and KFUO

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

It’s been a busy Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining. Having too many days that seem to just drag is not something I enjoy. There is just something ‘enjoyable’ about days that go by very fast. Yes, those days can be tiring, but the mental stimulation that busy days provide make me feel alive!

As we are now knocking on 4pm, I have a cup of organic green tea in the mug beside me. Green tea is usually my afternoon drink of choice, though there are days where I long for a cup of strong coffee to give me a real jolt to get moving. And a jolt is definitely not what I need this afternoon.

This past weekend on KFUO-AM, the radio ministry of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, I appeared on the Studio A program talking about a very interesting topic: Martin Luther and Vulgarity. It is well known that Martin Luther had a propensity to “let bad words fly” at certain times, including while preaching. But did you also know that Saint Paul used words that also could be described as vulgar, though in bible translations we don’t see it? The show focused on the issue of the use of vulgarity by Luther and some words that are found in some of the sacred texts. Is it good to use language that doesn’t actually hit at the heart of what the writers originally intended, though the words that are used instead of the originally intended ones are cleaner?

When KFUO updates their website, I will link to the show for your listening pleasure.

Yesterday, I also appeared on KFUO-AM on the “Bible Study” program where discussion centered around Luke 21:25-36. Also, when this link goes live on their website, I will link to it.

 Meeting at 5:30pm

Our Vision Team is meeting at church this afternoon at 5:30pm. All members of the Team and those interested in helping are encouraged to attend.


 Sign up for our May 18th Italian Dinner Night

Just in case you haven’t heard (and if you’ve been in church, you know I’ve been quite annoying talking about it), you can sign up online for our May 18th Italian Dinner Night. Click here to sign up. Tickets are free.




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