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April 16, 2013

Missing New Milford Woman Found Dead At Home

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Alice Klee never strayed far from her small ground-floor apartment off Main Street. Estranged from family, the reclusive 68-year-old had local routines — feeding animals in the woods near the river, sifting through dumpsters, speaking with neighbors — and she had her beloved cats.

Which is why her sudden disappearance in early February was so alarming. She would never leave her cats behind, neighbors said. Klee walked with a limp, neighbors said, and could not go far without her car, which was still parked at her home when she went missing.

In the end, she had disappeared into her own home.

Klee’s dead body, half-mummified beneath a pile of garbage, clothing and blankets in her bedroom was found only when her landlord entered the apartment to begin cleaning it out after several months of unpaid rent, authorities said Monday. Previous visits to the home by family and police over the past three months failed to discover Klee, who a family member described as a hoarder, confirming what officials and neighbors have said for months — her apartment was packed wall-to-wall with stuff.

For more, jump to the Record’s website.

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