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April 16, 2013



by Rev. A. J. Iovine

When evil attacks, we, as Christians, need to use that word to adequately describe those events.




For any Christian to parse words following bombings like what took place yesterday in Boston is to water down what really happened. Once again, evil was on display in Boston. To plant bombs in the hope that innocent people would be hurt or killed, that’s evil. It is an act of astounding wickedness where Satan himself is laughing and dancing this morning as innocent people were murdered or were injured.

We, as Christians, need to be firm in understanding that evil is real and very alive in the hearts of so many people walking this earth with us. Pain and savagery are the tools of Satan and his agents of vileness were on display in Boston.

As a nation, these evil terrorists want us to fear  and worry. But we do not cower in fear. We do not hide. We are Americans and as a people, we stand up to evil; that is what we do. I was talking with someone last night and made the comment that people from New York and New Jersey, who suffered so much from that attacks on September 11, 2001, will respond with the same kindness the people of Boston showed us following those attacks. I said, “Heck, Bostonians are really just New Yorkers, but with a weird accent.”

We are Americans and nothing that is thrown our way will be able to keep us down.

But as Christians, we believe the same thing, though in a spiritual manner. Our faith in Jesus Christ is not just a Sunday morning faith – it is something we live every moment of our lives. It is a faith grounded in the understanding and unshakeable belief that our brother, Jesus, lived and died and rose for our justification — by His life, death, resurrection, and ascension, our sins have been pain for and forgiven. We who are washed in the waters of Holy Baptism, our hope is not in earthly things, but on heavenly ones.

Through the pains of this life, we let our faith shine. Our hopes of greater and brighter days are always on our lips and in our deeds as we show love for others. The church just doesn’t say it stands with the people of Boston; the church is on the streets, in the homes, in hospital rooms, in hospital chapels, and in the very actions of those believers who risked their lives to help the injured. The church is you and me — the faithful communion of believers who, regardless of theology, live with the knowledge that Jesus Christ died for us.

As President Harrison expressed in his note on the Boston bombings, through this darkness and sadness, we will all see good come from this act. It is hard right now to see and good through streets stained with blood and littered with broken glass; but in the end, good will be seen and realized. Let us pray:

Lord of heaven and earth, as the evil intentions of the wicked came to fruition yesterday afternoon, we humbly call upon You to build up Your people to be beacons of Christ’s light shining goodness into the darkness of this sinful world. Grant to all who have been called and rescued by name in the waters of Holy Baptism the encouragement of faith so that in our daily walk we can tell the Gospel story of Jesus and bring comfort to the hurting and struggling. For the people of Boston, we ask for comfort. For the mourning, we ask for peace. For the injured, we ask for healing. And for the wicked who built and planted these bombs, we ask that they be brought to justice. We pray in Christ, our Savior’s name, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen. 


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