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April 10, 2013

Wednesday Morning Coffee: Just a Few Notes

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

This morning is turning out to be a busy one, and I can’t place my finger on why this happened.  But this Wednesday morning is busy, so I will just have to breathe in a little deeper. Before you ask, my cold is getting better. This morning my tastebuds started to revive themselves. For breakfast, and not feeling hungry at all, I reached for a banana and I tasted the overripeness of the fruit.

So today’s Morning Coffee (drank two mugs of Chock Full O’Nuts, by the way) is just a series of a few quick church notes:

Voters’ Minutes

Minutes for our April 2013 Voters Body meeting will be made available in church this weekend. If you wish to receive an electronic copy, please email me or the church office ( and when they are finalized and edited, we will send them to you.

Bible Study

Now that we are well into the Easter Season, starting next Wednesday, we are going to begin our new bible study entitled, “Starting at the End: What Does the Future Hold?” This is a Concordia Publishing House bible study prepared by Brad Alles, a Lutheran High School teacher.

We are also going to begin using this study at our new Sunday Morning bible study that will begin on April 21st after our 10am Worship service. Yes, this means if you stay for The Coffee Hour and want to take part in the bible study, you will have to leave the Upper Classroom and go into the library with your coffee and whatever goodies you desire to bring with you.

One More Thing to Your Calendar

Last year, the pastors of Circuit 1 held a special “Servant Recognition Luncheon” for those in our churches who work so hard in our congregations. As you recall, we pastors in the circuit provided the entertainment by singing Motown songs that were rewritten with a Lutheran Church perspective. For example, “Stop! In the Name of Love,” was recast as “Teach! In Our Sunday School!” This year, we are doing it again! Our theme is country music. This will be fun. Mark your calendars for after church on Sunday, June 2nd at Zion Lutheran Church in Westwood.

Oh, and our District President, Rev. Dr. Anthony Steinbronn, will be in attendance.

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