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April 9, 2013

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Sniffles and Tissues

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

coldHaving a cold is never fun. It runs you down. You thank the good Lord for tissues and Vitamin C. Sleep can be difficult, but modern medicine makes rest so much easier. In my estimation, a chest cold is worse than a head cold since all you do during the day is hack up phlegm. The illness, no matter the form, causes one to be weak. I am thankful I am not coughing.

I haven’t had a really tough cold in a long while. Going through cancer treatment, I was taught to constantly wash my hands, keep my time in closed off public spaces (hospitals, for example) to a bare minimum, always keep my vitamin intake high. It was great advice, but being in public spaces is what clergy people do regularly. Yet I never caught a cold all through the treatment.

During the terrible flu outbreak at the end of 2012 to the start of the current year, I was very vigilant to hand washing and keeping my vitamin intake high through eating a varied whole plant based diet. I never received a flu shot, keeping my hopes high that I would not get sick because I was being cautious. By the grace of God, or that I ate a lot of kale, I never was hit with the flu. Thankful, and probably being a little arrogant, I let my guard down as we entered Lent.

My hand washing after visits became less frequent. I started focusing on eating too much of the same thing instead of a varied amount of vegetables and fruit. And after weeks of being lax, what did I receive?

A cold.

It isn’t too bad, but it is annoying. I mostly feel weak and tired. Last night during our Voters’ Body meeting, after 45 minutes I was feeling a bit run down. After the meeting, I came home and made a mug of Lemon Zinger tea; but without taste buds that work, I could have poured myself a cup of dish water and I would have drank it. Falling asleep rather early, with the help of NyQuil, I spent a long while sleeping. At 5:44am, following an odd dream, I awoke to a really stuffy head, nasal drip, and a feeling that I should remain in bed.

But if the affects of cancer treatment couldn’t keep me down, why would a normal cold keep me from doing what I am supposed to do?

Morning Prayer went off on schedule — Psalm 4 and 1 Corinthians 4 were our readings today (if you check your bulletin this past weekend, you’d find a list of our daily Morning Prayer readings). After church, I came home for another cup of Chock Full O’Nuts coffee (I guess it tasted fine; taste buds have not returned, as of yet), and breakfast that consisted of a banana and an orange.

The rest of my morning schedule includes one item: Our Circuit 1 clergy meeting in Closter at 9:30am. Afterwards, I will head back to the church and get to work on this weekend’s worship services and maybe, just maybe, begin sermon preparation. Our Crafters meet this evening at 7:00pm, and if I am feeling up to it, I will poke my head in the room to say, “Hi.”

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