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March 26, 2013

Morning Coffee: My Sermon Stinks, LCMS & Immigration

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Morning CoffeeMy Holy/Maundy Thursday sermon is terrible.

At around 6:50am today, I had the overwhelming motivation to review my sermons for the coming week. Initially, I believed my Holy/Maundy Thursday and Good Friday sermons were complete; my Easter Vigil sermon (to be preached at Holy Trinity Lutheran in Garfield) was a work in progress; and my Easter morning sermon was a train wreck. Yet as I read my Thursday sermon out loud to myself, I came to the sad conclusion that it stunk.

It is way too long.

It is all over the place thematically.

And I use too many “big” words.


Should I just junk it and start over? Can I build some thematic scaffolding around the general sermon idea and save it? Or do I just whine about how terrible it is for the rest of day and get nervous tomorrow morning when I realize that I have nothing good on paper and have to get something done before Thursday?

Ah, the life of a preacher.

Welcome the Visitor

I just absolutely love this post. Click on it. Read it. It is absolutely a wonderful, Christ-centered moment captured by a friend of mine.

LCMS on Immigration Issues

Immigration is one of our nations most polarizing issues. Regardless of the side of the debate you are on, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod has prepared a theological document to give guidance to Lutherans in thinking through this issue while also giving churches, like ours, guidance on how to deal with immigration matters. I have only read a couple of pages of the document (it is on my iPad). After Easter, I intend to read through it and let you know my feelings. Here is a link to the LCMS news website explaining the intent of this theological study. Links for the document: in English and in Spanish.

Food Pantry

This morning, our church’s Food Pantry has its monthly food distribution. Between 10:00 and 11:00am, families we support come to church in to pick up their allotment of food and other items. This month, we set aside special bags filled with items for Easter dinner, including a ham. In your prayers today, say a prayer for those who work in our pantry and for those who receive food from it.


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