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December 31, 2012

Onward to 2013

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Today we celebrate the end of the calendar year and the start of the new. A half-day of work (or so, for many people) will give birth to a nighttime of frivolity and, in the cases of some revelers tonight, lots will be forgotten thanks to too large a consumption of adult beverage. The sun will rise in the morning, heads will stay glued to pillows, all the while college football teams prepare to take the field in one bowl game or another.

But before we get to the frivolity that consumes so much of New Year’s Eve, a reminder: Our New Year’s Eve Divine Service starts at 4pm, well before anyone needs to be at any sort of party. I look forward to seeing you later on.

As the climax of 2012 ticks closer this morning, I sat in the home office thinking about what I want to see in 2013. These aren’t resolutions or predictions, but some joyful hopes for the new year.

– Wouldn’t it be something if our political leaders in Washington D.C. acted more like adults instead of school yard children? It would be so refreshing if our elected officials put aside the viciousness that our politics has devolved into and instead think about being good servants.

– The Jersey Shore, slowly returning to normal, becomes a beacon for families to have fun once again instead of a place where volunteers go to help clean up following Sandy.

– Churches near and far become more focused on telling the Jesus story instead of worrying about budgets and money and attendance figures.

– That all God’s people would be a people of prayer; people of hope; people who love others.

Not a dramatic list, but a hopeful one.

And one more — I hope to see you later, at 4pm.

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