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November 10, 2012

Post-Hurricane, Where We Stand

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

As New Jersey continues to struggle following the devastation brought upon our state and community by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy, all of us have had some time to contemplate the goodness of God through the tears and the heart ache of these past 12 days. We’ve watched and heard the stories of so many people who have lost so much, not just material things, but also the loss of loved ones. As our politicians and power companies have either helped us or failed us, you know something:

The sun came out today.

Yes, it did.

And the temperatures that have hovered in the low 40s at night during the past week and struggled to get to 50 during the day, well, today and tomorrow, temperatures are headed near 60 in the daytime.

Schools are back in session. Our local stores are open. And many gas stations are finally getting deliveries of fuel.

Through the painful tears and worries of the masses who have lost, we, as a church and as a people, are there to provide comfort and prayer. We have lived these past 12 days with hearts torn apart by the sadness that has engulfed so many. But we are still here, to love, to care for, to witness of the blessings of God Almighty.

Join us this weekend at church. Come to hear of our God who is there for us and who will be there forever. Our worship services this weekend — Saturday evening at 5pm, with our spoken worship service (what a Roman Catholic friend entitled our “Speed Mass”); Sunday morning at 10am, with all the singing you can handle.

Our LCMS motto these past couple of years is ever so important as we recover from the hurricane: Witness, Mercy, Life Together. In just four short eloquent words, it embodies who were are as Christians … as Lutherans. Through these days and the ones to come, we as a congregation and as a Christian people will continue to show this godly mercy by witnessing of the love of Jesus Christ our Savior. It is just what we do.

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