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October 9, 2012


by Rev. A. J. Iovine

The emerging social, political force: ‘Nones’

“I like the ambiguity” of going without a label,” (Rebecca Cardone) says. “I prefer to stress the importance of acting with compassion rather than choosing a predetermined system of beliefs.”

The fastest growing “religion” in the USA is now what is called “Nones.” These are people who may believe in some kind of higher power, but don’t want to actually be forced into believing anything. 

In fact, with the explosion of non-denominational churches and the growth of these new “Nones,” in the US, Protestantism has been pushed to the third ranking US religion, with Roman Catholicism still holding in at Number 1. 

Apparently there are lots of people who pray to some kind of God, but don’t want to have a relationship with Him. They want to do good things for others without having a grounded understanding why they do good things for others in the first place. This is a great challenge that the Christian Church on earth has struggled with for a long time. It will not change.

So how does the Church respond?

By continuing to be the place where sinners come to receive forgiveness and God’s love. The Church continues to proclaim Christ and Him crucified. The Church continues to show love to others because that is what our God wants us to do since He showed us what it truly means to love.

(Via USA Today)


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