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September 29, 2012

Romney Appeals to Evangelicals Through Shared `Judeo-Christian’ Values – Religion News Service

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Honestly, not many people know about Mormonism. They know even less about their theology. Sadly, most people will think that the HBO television series “Big Love” tells the story about the state of Mormonism (it doesn’t. It’s TV. Never count on an entertainment show to get theology right).

For many Christians (including Lutherans, mind you), understanding Mormonism is not something we take time out of our lives to do. We tend to leave the theological battles to theologians and clergy; everyone else wants to just “get along to get along.”

However, many evangelical Christians have taken a negative stance towards Mormonism, calling it a “cult.” In fact, the LCMS takes a similar stance, saying that Mormons are not Christian.

Wrestling with the reasons why is for another day. The reason I bring this topic up is, of course, the current election cycle where the Republican nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney, is a Mormon.

The question of whether or not a Christian should vote for a Mormon, at least is my book, is a fairly easy one: Yes, it is OK to vote to a Mormon, just like it is OK to vote for a Roman Catholic or Jew or even a Lutheran who attends an ELCA church. When we elect public officials, we are not electing them to lead our church. They are being elected to lead our nation. Do we, as Christians, use our morals and understanding of character to help guide our votes? Yes. In that vain, voting for someone who follows the Mormon faith, if they have similar beliefs in character and morality, should be fairly easy.

Gov. Romney is tackling this electability issue head on by appealing to evangelical Christians on the grounds of our common “Christian values,” namely the importance of helping those in need. Romney’s life shows that he’s spent a lot of time and effort working for his church to help others. In fact, as a ‘pastor’ of his church, former members speak very highly about him. But good works do not save.

Faith alone in Jesus Christ does. Works spring from faith.

Religion News Service | Politics | Election | Romney appeals to evangelicals through shared `Judeo-Christian’ values: “”

(Via Religion News Service)

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