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July 26, 2012

Christianity in the Culture

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Just reading an email from someone who disagrees with my Godly belief that marriage is to be between a man and woman, he writes:

“To say that a gay couple can’t marry is discriminatory. Jesus would never discriminate.”

To which I replied:

“Jesus told the woman he saved from being stoned that no one was there to accuse her. The most important part of the story is when Jesus tells her to ‘Go, and sin no more.’ Or, to put it in language we all can understand — hey, stop doing those things that go against God. He never told her to go out and bed another married man. He didn’t tell her to be careful next time. Jesus told her to stop what she was doing. The church has to stand up for God. Sinners hate being told that they are sinners, I get that. But to tell me to stop calling a sin a sin just because it makes you feel bad goes against my vows to the Lord.”

When Lutherans cease being Lutherans in order to make those in the culture feel better about their sin, we fail. The Church will stand up against sin in all its forms, even those forms in which I fall into nearly everyday. 


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