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June 19, 2012

Streaming Radio

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

“Pastor, what kind of music and radio do you listen to during the day?”

Several weeks ago, I was asked this very question by a member of the church who honestly wanted to know what kinds of audio entertainment fills my daily walk in this sinful life. Smiling, I gave the following list from which I usually listen to at home, and it is not in any particular order:

1. The Highway (country music radio) on SiriusXM Radio.

2. Fox Sports Radio on SiriusXM Radio and/or iHeartRadio.

3. KFUO – the radio ministry arm of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

4. The Message (contemporary Christian music) on SiriusXM Radio.

5. The decades channels on SiriusXM.

6. Stations that I narrow or expand the playlist on Pandora (contemporary Christian, country)

7. The Rush Limbaugh Podcast.

Granted, I do not listen to this stuff every single day, but on most days, I find myself clicking on multiples on the list above. Of course, my music and radio tastes are more expansive than just that list of seven. For example, when I am driving, I flip over to WFAN or WEPN for sports updates; WCBS-AM for news updates. When I am not in a great mood, I tend to listen to more classical music. When my mood is brighter and I am not in a rush, I listen to classic rock, alternative rock, and the disco channel on SiriusXM.

As I type this post, I am listening to the contemporary Christian channel on Pandora.

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