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June 13, 2012

Wednesday Morning

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

The weird games that the mind plays during dreams is sometimes fun. This morning I woke up from a oddly, partially remembered dream that no doubt confused me.

In my dream, giant black ants with orange stripes (about the size of a cat) were crawling out of a hole in the ground in my late-grandmother’s home on Valentine Lane in Yonkers, NY. And what made the oddness even more odd, the ants were cutting the grass with scissors.


After Morning Prayer and a quick clean up of an office downstairs here at church, I couldn’t help but think the dreams that are found in the bible. The dreams mentioned by prophets in Scripture are powerful – they speak of God and his glory. Whether it was Daniel and his fearful dreams during the Babylon Captivity or the dreams and visions of Paul in the new testament era, dreams play a role in our understanding of the story of God.

Our dreams? Not so much, unless we can figure out how black ants with orange stripes fits into believing in God and trusting Him above all things.

On other topics:

– Yesterday, our new Rodgers church organ was installed. Later in the afternoon after all the work was done, the representative from the organ company sat behind the new console and belted out “A Mighty Fortress.” Wow! The sound is very impressive. I can’t wait until everyone can hear it.

– One of the gentlemen who came along with the organ company that installed the organ was the representative who sold Saint Matthew’s our previous organ in the 1960s. It was nice to meet him, chat with him about how organ and church music has changed, and see the pride on his face that we have a new instrument that will lead our music for decades to come.

– Tonight, we have our bible class followed by our worship service starting at 7pm.

– This afternoon, I will be interviewed on KFUO Radio (our Synod’s radio ministry arm) on the topic of antinomianism. And what is antinomianism?


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