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May 25, 2012

One of Those

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

New Jersey Devils

The past six days have been quite unique. The pastoral version of being busy mutated into a week filled with so many things to do, I can’t believe it is already Friday evening!

From home visits to hospital runs and nursing home visitations; from worship services to Morning Prayer to a scuttled Wednesday bible class; from phone calls at hours of the night to my inability to sleep; from the stresses of everyday, non-pastoral life to my second quarterly cancer tests today. All I want to do is shut down for the night.

And yet, this is impossible.

Tonight is a New Jersey – New York hockey fan’s delight: the Rangers cross the Lincoln Tunnel to do battle against the home state New Jersey Devils. While I am a lifelong Rangers fan, I find myself drawn to the Devils and their style of play. There is just something about the Rangers’ and their blocking every shot mentality that bores me. At least the Devils skate up and down the ice and score every now and then.

This weekend here at church, not only is Pentecost, this weekend we celebrate Confirmation Day. Yesterday I ordered a cake that I hope is OK with everyone. Oh, it will not be OK with me since it is not a vegan Confirmation cake. But I’ll bring fruit to the post-church celebration.

Memorial Day is Monday and that means New Milford’s annual Memorial Day Parade. I have been asked to lead either the invocation or the benediction prayer — I’ll find out when I arrive on Monday which one I will do. Following the parade and ceremony, I have a scheduled hospital visit followed by a nursing home visit — one in Engelwood; the other in Rockleigh. And then after my thirty or so miles of traveling, I have been invited to a Memorial Day quasi-party in the afternoon. I’m bringing the salad (don’t be shocked).

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