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May 11, 2012


The Crooked Little Yellow Hat

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to officiate a special marriage renewal ceremony of a couple of members here at Saint Matthew’s and two couples with whom they’ve been friends with for many years (if you want to know who, you’ll have to come to church and ask). Since the ceremony was celebrated in the midst of a Cinco De Mayo party, they had little hats and lots of wine and stuff to consume.

A picture was taken of me wearing one of those little hats while holding a glass of very good red wine – I forgot the name of it and must remember to inquire about it. And here it is:

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  1. cheryl torsland
    May 11 2012

    Pastor did this for my husband and I and 4 of our friends for 43 years. He did a wonderful job – and all of our children/grandchildren were present. There were tears and cheers and lots of partying. It was very special and we so appreciate him doing this for us.

  2. Carol Bateman
    May 11 2012

    As one of the participants, I can attest to the special significance of the day! There are over 120 years of marriage between the three couples and to have Pastor be there to help us reaffirm our “intentions” was really a wonderful occasion! Thanks, Cheryl and Ken for hosting and Pastor for officiating…..

  3. kari barsa
    May 11 2012

    I think that the picture is wonderful. If you just would have had a bit more wine you wouldn’t be AP concerned about your lopsided hat!!! All of the wonderful people who were present on Saturday were at Bryan and my wedding six years ago. I only hope that we will be as lucky as all of you to have so many great years together. Maybe Pastor you can redo our vows….on St. Patrick’s day perhaps??

  4. Jamie VanKoughnet
    May 12 2012

    I think that someone from our family should renew their vows every year just so Pastor can come and conduct the cermeny and so we can see him in his little yellow hat! It was a great day filled with alot of love and happiness! We are all very lucky!


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