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May 3, 2012


by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Today has been kind of an odd day, and for me, that is saying something!

My schedule today had me running around on visits, to meetings, and to the post office this morning, with my afternoon left to returning and making phone calls, cleaning up my email, and finalizing my weekend sermon(s) and preparing for a special event come Saturday. Yet, God wanted to have fun today — my entire day was thrown up into a tizzy (I don’t believe I’ve ever typed that word before).

Visits were cancelled and/or moved to another day. A meeting was pushed to early this afternoon from early this morning. My phone rang non-stop from the time Morning Prayer ended to when I actually walked out of the church to attend a meeting at mid-morning. Nothing I wanted to get done got completed in a meaningful way. While I did return most of the phone calls I needed to make, the ones I really wanted to make are still on my to-do list. And work – my sermon remains undone and I haven’t even decided on the prayers for this weekend.

And I still have a lot of work to accomplish before calling it a night … but I have a newly scheduled counseling meeting at 7:30pm and most of that work has to be pushed off until tomorrow. But tomorrow afternoon I am heading out to Long Island and my former vicarage congregation for the Madrigal Dinner: A Medieval Feast and May-hem with Martin, an evening of music, fun, and food. And then the weekend begins – I was thinking of staying on the east end of the Island for the night, but a visit cropped up at 9am on Saturday…so I will be driving back, which isn’t all that bad since it is kind of relaxing.


Now that my spleen has been vented, I can get back to work.

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