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May 1, 2012

This Doesn't Help

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

The entire “Occupy Wall Street” issue has split many people within the church. There are many churches who have given aid to the protesters who sat in Zuccotti Park last fall, bring food, clothing, blankets, and even flu shots. The entire protest got out of hand when they started to create a mini-city inside a public park and thus taking the park away from the public. The NYPD swept in and cleaned out the park, bringing order to the chaotic situation.

Months have gone by and now that is May Day – a day where ‘workers’ have traditionally protested against the wealthy and businesses, the Occupy Wall Street people promised to be back in force in New York, around the county, and the world. Bloated words, I know. Yet, a rather smaller crew of protesters are at it again promising the shut down New York.

I do not believe that protesters help themselves when they do things like threaten people or send suspicious packages to people in the media they do not like.

We church-people need to pray that peace will ring out in the land, that justice happens not by threat, but because of love. And our great example is our Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn’t mean churches should be supporting wrong-doers or promoting actions that reject the central tenet of our lives — that is faith in Christ saves.  Let us pray for all involved, that their concerns are heard by the public and, if they are proper, let them be answered. But we also pray that people would not hurt nor harm anyone today. May the peace of the Lord be with all this Tuesday.

Fox News Channel has received two suspicious letters similar to mailings sent to the mayor and financial institutions that contained a tirade against ‘banks,’ ‘bosses’ and ‘pigs’ ahead of May 1 Occupy…
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