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April 3, 2012

LCMS Re-branding

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Asked this afternoon about my opinion on the new ‘branding’ for the LCMS, I really couldn’t give a solid answer. Changing from purple to this LA Dodger-type blue is OK, I guess. It does nothing for me one way or another.

I read through the branding manual and came away with only one conclusion — the marketing people are rightly focusing our communication with properly organized graphics. Sometimes in our publications, our graphics may not align properly, confusing the message that is trying to be delivered. A direct emphasis on clear and crisp graphics sends a good message. It also provides churches with good guidance in terms of how to use consistency in our graphics as a way of telling a story — too many graphics with odd fonts sends a loud message, and that message may not be Jesus Christ and Him crucified for the salvation of souls.

However, I do feel sorry for all those churches who have spent plenty of money on printed materials and signs (like us here at Saint Matthew’s) using the purple-hazed LCMS cross. Now that Synod’s graphic is blue, will our churches spend the cash to upgrade our signs, letterhead, business cards, websites, weekly bulletins?


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LCMS Brand and Logo Center – The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Welcome to the LCMS brand and logo center. Here you will find information about LCMS trademarks and logos, our brand manual and graphics standards, our styleguide and links to information about the L…

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