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March 16, 2012


Modern Roman Catholic Church Split Not A Real One

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

The doctrinal split within the Roman Catholic Church today centers on the liberalization of their theology. Some like the old way. They love the mass in Latin. The Vatican has been moving away from strict adherence to their law when it comes to the mass in different languages and ecumenical discussions with other faiths, including Lutherans.

While it is a split, the major theological issues are centered on tradition, not God.

During Luther’s time, the major issue was justification by faith alone in Jesus Christ. Today’s split focuses on whether or not Roman Catholics can go to mass and hear it in their native tongue instead of Latin. Luther fought to release the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the chains of theological tyranny. Today’s split doesn’t want the Pope to discuss theological differences with other non-RC Churches or those of other faiths.

A split? Kind of. But it is not the same as the true battle for the heart and soul of the Gospel that our Reformation fore bearers fought.

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Vatican to breakaway traditionalists: Not enough
The Vatican has told the head of a breakaway group of traditionalists that they have so far failed to overcome doctrinal differences blocking their return to the Catholic church fold.

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