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February 6, 2012


Coarseness of Society

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

During the increasingly irrelevant Super Bowl Halftime Show, rapper M.I.A. decided to "flip the bird" to television viewers. Where once this type of coarseness would lead the news, today is relegated to Page Six. I don't know if this is a good thing or bad, but it highlights a personal sadness over our society that is being worn down by coarseness.

And that alone is sad. Some within the entertainment industry believe this type of behavior is fine and shows spunk. Maybe it will even sell a few albums on iTunes. I believe this conduct should be viewed as disgraceful. NBC issued an immediate apology for M.I.A.'s actions. All fans of good conduct and decency should react by not buying this young woman's music.

As a society, we need to begin to stand up to the increasing coarseness that is permeating our culture. For anyone to stick their middle finger up during a musical performance shows that the consequences for these actions are not feared. That is why the public needs to stand up and reject this type of action.

Of course, this took away from Madonna's halftime show, described by some as wonderful and others as lacking a theme. Initially, I was negative in reviewing the performance (basically because it appeared lip synced). After thinking about it, her performance and those of her musical guests were outstanding, minus M.I.A.'s dopey finger move. The 12-minute or so performance was strong, the music blended very nicely, though I couldn't understand Madonna with the pom-poms or with that weirdly fake smile plastered on her face throughout the halftime show.


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Rapper M.I.A. gives America the finger during Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show 
The eagle of halftime show infamy has landed – rapper M.I.A. flipped "the bird" to American audiences at the Super Bowl.

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  1. Feb 6 2012

    hmmm.. I didn't watch the super bowl yesterday, but the total lack of honor and respect in society is why we need classes like Honor Among Us. Honor isn't the norm anymore, but we can make it the norm for us…

  2. Feb 6 2012

    She is an American hero.

  3. Feb 6 2012

    If only a concert was what it took to have World Peace.

  4. Feb 6 2012

    So the stage is full of women on their backs with their legs spread and pelvises thrust skyward, and we found a problem with a finger you can barely make out? Yes, the current culture is coarse. That's what happens when the State is the arbiter of values. When Society was the arbiter, you had to face your neighbors when you had done something distasteful, but since the State has take the power, we all just wait for the State to do something.


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