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January 18, 2012

Slave States. Free States

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Abortion is a scourge on our society. Each year, more than a million God’s innocent children are killed in the womb, kept from living like you and me; millions of children who never had the chance to breath fresh air or play in the park. It is a stain on our culture and our national soul.

As the 2012 Presidential election continues its march to November, there is no doubt in my mind there will be some frantic and ugly comments made, not just by politicians but by their supporters. Today’s shocking moment comes from Merle Hoffman, a leading abortion rights cheerleader for more than 40 years. The Daily Caller reports that the current crop of Republican presidential nominees scares her since all are opposed to abortion. In front of the National Press Club, Hoffman said that if one of the Republican nominees becomes president, she could see it where abortion rights would be curtailed in number of states while in others, it would have free reign. Or as she put it:

“…where you’d have a country where there, in my mind, are free states and slave states.”

Slave states.

She believes that states where abortion would be limited equates to slavery.

Too bad Hoffman never had the same feeling about those children who are killed each day in abortion clinics, including her own.

And it is a rather sad that the reason of her appearance at the National Press Club — originally thought to show that since the start of the national recession, abortions have gone up — was fraught with a great missing link: the data she used actually dated back to BEFORE the recession formally started.

The video from The Daily Caller is below:



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