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November 8, 2011


Tim Tebow and Faith

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

The one important aspect of our faith is that we live it, we show it to others, we speak of it to all. We do so with confidence, not worrying about whether or not someone is going to make fun of us or call us names, but simply because we know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died for our sins and lives and reigns to all eternity.

Faith in Christ is not just something we pull out for 60-minutes on a Sunday morning; it is an every moment of our life experience. Tim Tebow tries his best to live his faith in Christ throughout his life. Sadly, he is mocked for it. And for those who claim they mock him because of the expectations heaped on his head coming out of college, they can stop that talk right now. Tebow is mocked because he does not conform to the ‘quiet Christianity’ understanding of the world where we minimize our beliefs to make others who reject Christ happy.

But as Christians, God never promised us or Tebow a rose garden. He promised us a world where sin and hatred and vileness rule the day. He gives us His Holy Spirit and emboldens our faith to live our days in hope and joy for a better time.

Now, if the Denver Broncos weren’t putrid and had drafted decent players the past few years, Tim Tebow would possibly be viewed less harshly by the media and his opponents. However, the Broncos are terrible and the Tebow issue is only magnified more.

New York Times story Link

In Tebow Debate, a Clash of Faith and Football
The fervor around Tim Tebow’s beliefs and his struggles for the Denver Broncos has escalated into a national debate over religion and its place in sports.

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  1. Nov 8 2011

    No. Not necessary. I don't know what his particular confession is and I don't care. He was hired to play football. Not pray. -1

  2. Nov 8 2011

    Oh, I agree – he's a football player, not a preacher. He's paid to get his team in the end zone. However, Tebow is primarily being mocked because he prays and that's he's pro-life (that Super Bowl commercial ticked a few people off). Before he was drafted, the fear was that there wasn't an NFL team that employed the same system he used in college. So he was drafted by a terrible team by a GM who wanted headlines. He was dropped into an offensive system that doesn't have a lot of good players executing plays. Now he has a GM and head coach who really don't like him, but are stuck with him. And when he gets sacked, do the commentators say that his offensive line is not protecting him? No. Commentators say that God missed Tebow's prayer.


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