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October 25, 2011


Food Pantry Update

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

I am amazed.

When Saint Matthew’s took the step to open a food pantry, nearly all of us were a little worried about whether or not we would be able to host such a large undertaking for a congregation our size. So our Elders asked, I pleaded, and leaders in the church stepped up to humbly call upon on everyone to “do what you can” each week to build and stock the pantry, especially since the Thanksgiving-Christmas season is coming up so quickly. In our plans, we are initially going to open the pantry to members of our church and those we know who may need help with food.

And all of you responded. Each week, our narthex was filled with bags stuffed with food and non-perishables. A group at church went to work cleaning out and painting our craft room so we can convert it to a pantry. Some shelving was made from wood and left over boards while we converted an entertainment center as places to store your donated food.

This afternoon, as the sprinkler guy was here to blow out the pipes for the winter, Lee and I started to stock the shelves in the pantry room with the food we received just this weekend. And I have been shaking my head in amazement ever since.

The shelves are nearly full! And we didn’t even touch the items that were donated over the past couple of weeks.

It is a humbling sight, at least for me, to see the incredible contributions you have all made to make this ministry come alive. You have stepped up in ways that no one could imagine. Each of you has let Christ’s light shine in your actions to show love for our neighbors in need.

This weekend (or tomorrow night when you come to our Wednesday Night Divine Service), take a peek at the work you’ve already done.

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  1. Robert
    Oct 27 2011

    This is awesome. Keep up the good work faithful disciples of Christ at St Matthew Lutheran Church. Be the hands and feet who feed the children of Jesus.

  2. Rev. Iovine
    Oct 28 2011

    Thank you, very much. The people here at Saint Matthew’s thank you, as well! God be with you!


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