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October 19, 2011

Wednesday Morning Update

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Today, our church schedule gets back to normal after my two weeks of downtime following my throat cancer surgery. In a little over 55 minutes (I am writing this at 6:20am), Morning Prayer  begins at 7:15. Afterwards, I will be heading home for breakfast and a cup of tea. Upon breakfast clean-up, I will be back in the church office working on a number of projects, both administrative and pastoral.

But before I head off for Morning Prayer, I thought I would post a few updates:

1. In the left-hand column, I have started a list of my various reports I submit to the committees and groups here at Saint Matthew’s. They open up in Google Docs to which you then have an opportunity to print, download, or save.

2. Our Confirmation page is now up and running. Later this week, I will be updating it with this coming weekend’s lesson. Currently, our youth bible study is available for download.

3. Over the past couple of days, I have started to refocus my writing and what I post here at The Pastor’s Blog. There will be more religion-based posts and news comment, focusing on the Christian life and the expression of faith in the public square. Essentially, I am trying to “upscale” the blog to be more thought provoking and direct. Additionally, these posts will not appear in our weekly “Saint Matthew’s Matters” bulletin insert anymore — they will be strictly web-based.

4. Starting yesterday, I have started importing my Google+ posts here on the blog. While not every Google+ post will be included here, a number of the faith-based posts will. I would also encourage you to join Google+ for one important reason: I will be updating my “Saint Matthew’s” circle group on Google+ to send quick messages about the church out to those in our congregation who have email. Readily I admit, membership on Google+ is not a prerequisite to receive these quick notifications. Those who are not members of Google+ will receive notifications via email. Over the coming days, I will take a moment to fully explain the reasons for my use of Google+, why I am not using Facebook as much anymore, why Saint Matthew’s and I have Twitter accounts, and other social media and website updates.

That is all for this morning. God be with you on your Wednesday…and see you later at 7pm for our Wednesday Divine Service.

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