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June 14, 2011

Library Fix Up, Part 3

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

This morning, we continue our clean up of our church library. Last week, we looked through the extensive book collection we had accumulated over many years. As you would guess, during the decades where our library was heavily used, we added great numbers of books, some of which went against our Lutheran theology. My job was to weed these non-Lutheran books out of our library…and after a couple of hours, I think we accomplished our library-paring goal.

We had three piles: 1., Keepers, 2. We’ll keep it because it was dedicated to Saint Matthew’s, and 3., No One Will Miss It.

That final pile was quite hefty — we filled up three large trash cans with books that no one will miss.

On Saturday, a three-man crew painted the library walls and removed the furniture. Last night, some of that furniture was dragged out to the curb where during the overnight, someone took the furniture (I heartily thank them).

Today is the next round of the library clean up — we’re going to steam clean the carpet.

During the week, we’ll return the remaining furniture and TV to the library. Over the coming weeks, we are going to look for new chairs for this very underutilized room.

That’s the update.


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