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June 8, 2011

Credit Card Payments Now Accepted

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

I’ve been telling people outside of the Saint Matthew’s community about this for a week, and basically I receive the same, confused look every time. Starting last weekend, Saint Matthew’s is accepting credit and debit cards for payment for our June 25th Wine and Food Tasting.

Yes, we’re accepting credit and debit cards.

Instead of writing a check or heading off to the ATM to get cash, you can now swipe your credit card at church and pay for a ticket (or two, or three) to the Wine and Food Tasting. This is unique in that most churches do not accept these types of payments for anything. Yes, some churches have automatic deductions from bank or credit accounts to pay for weekly donations. Yes, some churches offer donations via their website. But accepting credit cards in church? Not many do this.

Our Vision Team has set up the “plastic acceptance” process via Square, an internet finance company that processes these payments for only 2.75% per transaction. This cost is incredibly low when compared to the current cost to swipe a credit card through a dedicated terminal.

By using Square, who provides a free credit or debit card reader that inserts into an iPhone, Android phone, iPod Touch, or iPad, individuals, businesses, or non-profits could now very easily accept payments for just about anything. This weekend, I purchased a ticket for the Wine and Food Tasting via the credit payment option. I handed over my card, it was swiped, and instantly I paid for one ticket. I signed for my purchase right on the phone’s screen and had an email receipt sent to me. The process was seamless and took very little time.

As we get better at it, the process will be faster.

In the future, I know I would like to see this payment option expanded here at Saint Matthew’s for all church events and even as an option on Sunday mornings.

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