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May 17, 2011

Tuesday @ The Office

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Now that Seattle weather is back with a vengeance, I’ve decided to spend Tuesday working in the church office. Not that this is a shock, by any means, but I’ve recently found myself enamored with plugging away on church work from home. Last week, I started cleaning out and fixing up the basement area and moved my computer and its peripherals to create a sort of “work-study area” apart from the “Pastor’s Study” on that first floor of the parsonage. Even though the room is called a “study,” I’ve found myself unable to use it as such since there are way too many books, magazines, and other eye-catching items that take my eyes “off the prize,” which is studying the Word of God.

For months, I’ve used my bedroom for reading and studying, but honestly, with a television and an Apple TV staring and calling out to me, over time it has become harder to concentrate. Hence, my move to the darkened basement room, a perfect entertainment room setting that will serve as a makeshift office/study room.

But this Tuesday, I will be sitting in the church office. I unhooked the Mac Mini computer I connected to the television in the living room (watching internet video is so much easier hooking a Mac Mini up to a TV via HDMI rather than trying to configure a laptop) and moved it into my church office. I bought a computer monitor for the Mini and now I have a “desktop” and the ability to bang work out without being at home or dragging my laptop over from the house.

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