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April 28, 2011


Why I Hate the Royal Wedding…

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Michael Hayes is the author of a terrific book, “Googling God”
which focuses on ministry to Roman Catholic young adults. Mike also happens to be a friend, baseball compatriot (though a Mets fan), and classmate of mine when we grew up in Yonkers, New York. He currently serves the youth “at St Joseph University Parish as a Campus Minister for the South Campus at the University at Buffalo.” He is a wonderful, God-fearing, God-loving servant of the Lord and is reaching the lost and wayward in Western New York.

Mike has written a blog post entitled “Why I Hate the Royal Wedding” and it got me thinking about my own opinion on this spectacle: This is a mockery of what a marriage is supposed to be about. Maybe it is that Disney has poisoned my mind over what royalty and a royal wedding is supposed to entail (I haven’t seen any blue birds flying about making Kate’s dress), but this entire event is just that: An event. The entire notion of what a marriage has been lost.

Outside of the church where the two will get married, God is seemingly missing from this affair. I mean, this morning, The Daily (the iPad newspaper) even surmised that this wedding is just a continuation of Kate and her family’s “social climbing” that started with her grandmother, continued by her mom. and now capped off by Kate marrying a royal. This marriage is more about climbing the social ladder than Kate and William becoming one flesh. Bets are being made and accepted as to what designer won the “wedding lottery” and has designed Kate’s dress. 

I want to scream!

Mike takes a slightly different and more meaningful track in focusing on the Godly understanding of what a marriage truly is. It is not the dress or the fancy reception. Or as Mike puts it:

Marriage is more than a froofy dress and Buckingham Place. Young William has already stepped out on Ms. Middleton once and she promptly dumped his royal behind for doing so. I hope his commitment lasts this time long after the TV crews, cameras and Elton John goes away…

(Marriage) is that commitment that leads us to know God more deeply as the one who remains committed to us always. 

The forgotten part of the marriage that has slipped the collective mind of the media and everyone who  is going to wake up at the terrible hour of 4am to watch this made-for-TV-event is that God is part of every marriage. When couples vow to stay together through thick and thin, they make this vow to God. He is the third person in every marriage. Couples who work together, not just in making dinner but most importantly in faith, grow together in love of God. The relationship between husband and wife and God is at the heart of a marriage.

Go out and get a copy of Googling God.

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  1. Marianne Herrmann
    Apr 30 2011

    You missed one thing, though…Kate got comfirmed in William’s faith to marry him and to serve the people of England as a member of the church. The service was beautiful and really focused not just on the wedding but on an actual church service. So everybody got a change to visit church through their TV screens at least. So many people get married in Vegas or at city hall so at least this was a very Christian marriage inside a beautiful church with reverence and respect shown for God. I liked that part of it the most…forget the rest…just the church service was the highlight.


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