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March 31, 2011

Taking the Easter Out of the Egg Hunt

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

"The Spring Egg Hunt?"

What is the government of Munson, Ohio thinking? Or are they thinking at all?

This is yet another politically correct move by a weak-kneed local government who believes that there are these mysterious people who get offended at everything and who sit home on the egg hunt day not letting their children take part in this community program because the town has the nerve to use that Christian word in the title of the event.

I am glad that some private entities in Ohio are stepping up to sponsor this event. Personally, it would warm my heart if these private entities would plaster the word EASTER on signs and billboards all over Munson. For as long as anyone can remember, the Easter egg hunt has been a big part of the American culture. Even the White House continues this tradition each year, having the courage to call it an actual Easter Egg Hunt. Churches (including my own) hold Easter Egg hunts. It is just a little time set aside for children to have a little fun. Sometimes we worry about people's feelings so much we fail to see the good community fun these Easter eggs hunts help foster.

Now, if you haven't read the Easter story in the bible in a while, here is a refresher: The Easter bunny did not move the stone away from Jesus' tomb and leave a few colorful eggs and jellybeans for him to snack on. The angel moved the stone. Jesus walked out of the tomb without eating a Cadbury Creme Egg.

(Story found via The Drudge Report)


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