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March 28, 2011

Lots Going On

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

There are a lot of things happening right now, not just for Saint Matthew’s, but also for me. This is definitely a period of absolute craziness!

First of all, we are preparing for a visit of our district president. Over the past several weeks, we’ve asked the members of Saint Matthew’s to take a survey offered by our New Jersey District that will help guide our future discussions. A spreadsheet of your answers (if you took the time to answer the survey) is available and has been forwarded to our district office for their review.

Second, we are at the beginning of some great opportunities for families and community members to try out Saint Matthew’s. On May 14th, we are holding our first “Family Fun Day” at the church that will be filled with lots of children’s activities and fun. More information about this great event will be made in church in the coming weeks. We’re going to hold our first ever wine tasting event at the church on Saturday, June 25th. Of course, more information will be announced about this in the coming weeks. And on top of these events, special classes are being planned for a wide range of crafty endeavors. Definitely keep an eye on Saint Matthew’s Matters over the coming weeks for more.

Third, my chemotherapy treatment has changed just slightly. Instead of taking oral chemotherapy, my doctor has made decision to move me onto the IV drip that I will take three days a week. This was sort of a surprise, but she felt it was for the best. Now I just have to re-organize my schedule since taking pills is a lot faster than sitting for four hours and receiving it through an IV. But this will force me to slow down, read a little more, and relax.

And fourth, I am in the middle of shaking things up in my administrative role as pastor. Since last August, I have served as vacancy pastor at Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Garfield. With my time up now that Rev. Ronald Stephens has accepted their call to be the pastor at Holy Trinity, I have thought about ways to improve various aspects of my ministry at Saint Matthew’s. This will help me organize “stuff” a lot better especially as we enter this very busy period here at church while I am going through chemotherapy treatment.

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