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March 22, 2011

The Gray Sock

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

( I am reposting this from my personal blog –

Before heading off to sleep last night, I made a commitment to wake up early and get going regardless of how I felt. Yesterday after my chemo treatment, I drove back to New Jersey (in the snow!!) from the city and headed off to accomplish a couple of things because eventually the ‘ick’ would hit me.

Surprisingly, I lasted most of the day without the ‘ick’ of weakness and tiredness coming over me. But yet, it did hit me a little after 6. Even though I tried hard to ignore the stone cold weakness that overcome me, the tiredness eventually won out.

I woke up this morning in a complete state of Blah — no energy, no motivation to get up, nothing. Oh, I did feel a little sick to my stomach and my throat burned a bit and was achy today. So my commitment to get up and go was pushed off a few hours as I struggled to get my head off my pillow.

Laying in bed, I turned on the TV and got very angry as I watched the local weather. Can you imagine – they are predicting “accumulating” snow tomorrow. I don’t know if we here in New Milford are in the 1″ – 3″ band or just inside the 4″ – 6″ band (thank you Channel 4 for making this very clear…), but it is going to snow again tomorrow … And yes, I will whine all day Wednesday about the snow, it being spring time, about the cost to plow and shovel this garbage, and anything else I can think of as I watch the snow flakes pile up.

After getting upset at the weather, I found some kind of motivation to get out of bed. I struggled, but I finally peeled my head off my rather soft pillow. Standing up, I turned to the right, flipped on the light, and stared into the mirror behind the door. And I couldn’t help but laugh.

I had a gray sock hanging from left ear.


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