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February 25, 2011

Feeling Less Ugly

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

It wasn’t strep throat.

Instead, it was some other kind of infection that whacked my throat and tonsils and other vital glands in my head. Since last weekend, I’ve had enough with being sick. A hospital stay…a fever topping 103…a throat that even today is as raw and dry as it has ever been…being completely zapped of any energy, yet unable to sleep…looking like a zombie. Oh, it has been a week I would like to forget.

Yesterday – Thursday – I started pulling myself out of the ickiness and actually felt better. I jumped back in the saddle, getting some work done, only to realize that my throat was not yet ready for a day of constant talking. By early evening, I was coughing and complaining that my throat hurt again. In the end, I lost my voice.

Today – Friday – was better than yesterday, though my voice has not completely returned. I am feeling better and went out to the supermarket for tomato soup and cheese for grilled sandwich (the cravings of a rainy day). My throat hurts a bit, but not too bad. I only wish that my voice would make an appearance.

However, my other problems seemed to have been beaten back by antibiotics and Vitamin C. My eyes aren’t tearing any more; no more crusty clusters binding my eyelids together. My head feels normal, though I am in desperate need of a haircut. I am not spitting up chunks of yuck from my throat and chest; and I must admit, that grosses me out. And a bit of vigor has returned, helping me check off a chunk of my missed work from the bottomless “To Do” list (though a lot will have to be made up next week).

So I am feeling less ugly tonight.

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