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January 27, 2011


Entombed in Snow

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

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At 3:30am today, a snowplow driver for the Borough of New Milford was moving up and down Grand Street trying to open the roadway near the Company One Firehouse at Center Street. As he drove up and down Grand and Summit Avenue, the street that separates Saint Matthew’s from the firehouse, you could almost hear the cries in his head:

“Where am I am going to put this stuff?”

Another foot of snow fell on our borough and region last night, bringing our January snow total near 30 inches. For the winter, we’re probably at or a little over 50 inches of snow. And it’s still January. I know I’ve had enough. It is like we’ve been entombed in snow. I know, people in Western New York receive hundreds of inches each winter – they are really entombed. But they are supposed get that much snow since they live next to the Great Lakes. All I know is that after the December 26th blizzard, I had my fill of the white stuff for this season. Now with six snowstorms pummelling us this winter, I am tired of the cold, sick of the snow, and just plain aggravated.

But to make this misery complete, there is a possibility of a couple of inches of snow on Saturday night. And don’t look at the long range forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday — I wanted to throw my slipper at the TV this morning as the forecast graphic on Channel 4 showed more wintry weather for the early part of next week.

Waking up at such an ungodly (and unrestful) hour had it benefits — the local news went on the air at 4am, giving the blow-by-blow of the latest fast moving, but powerful storm to hit us. I-95 was a parking lot at that early hour. This isn’t literal speak; it really was. In Connecticut, a jack-knifed tractor trailer stopped traffic both ways on the interstate near the Darien exit. A reporter for Channel 7 was standing on the unplowed entrance ramp to I-95 north with trucks and cars at a standstill as the flashing lights just up head showed the problem: the truck couldn’t make it up the snowy incline and it spun out, stopping traffic.

But further south in the Bronx on the Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95), traffic was nonexistent as trucks were stuck on the unplowed roadway, making it impossible for any vehicular traffic to move.

Reporters from the local stations were standing on street corners, parking lots, and train stations all around the area and their message was the same: Stay home. Main roads are terrible; side roads are worse, even if you live next door to a firehouse. Mass transit is going to be an absolute mess today, no matter where you live. Channel 7 interviewed a woman on a Coney Island bound F train this morning – it was stopped because of snow covered tracks and stations. At least it had electricty and heat for the 100 or so passengers trying to get home or get to work at 4am. I just hope no one had to use the restroom.

And across the TV screens, school delays and closings were announced in the crawl. I couldn’t help but laugh at all the 2-hour and 90-minute delays for all those Bergen County school districts and private schools. Even with these delays, I wondered how many teachers and students were going to trek out this morning? Since districts have just about used up all their snow days for the school year, I guess the delays prevented them from losing yet another snow day from their calendars. If they close school any more, then they will have to take away vacation days to make up for the closing. I suggest taking away some of those teacher conference days — it seems that kids are always out of school because of them.

My Thursday visits are cancelled. I guess I will stay home today and write this weekend’s sermon, fix up the prayers, and do some other assorted church-related business from home. At 4:30 this afternoon, I have Family Promise of Bergen County meeting in Teaneck. Or should I say “maybe.”

But I am sick of the snow.

Really. Sick.

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