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January 22, 2011

At Least I'm Working Hard

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

I am in the middle of an incredibly busy period. The joke is always that the week leading up to Christmas Eve/Day in December and Holy Week in the springtime are “Hell Weeks” where the pastoral work just multiplies in triplicate.

While true, there are periods throughout the year when everything comes crashing down. Right now, I am in one of those periods.

My vacancy church, Holy Trinity Lutheran in Garfield, has two funerals (one today and one on Monday, which is going to be a rather large one since the deceased is a retired firefighter). On top of that, there are a couple of sick members of the church that I keep looking in on. Over at Saint Matthew’s, my congregation in New Milford, there are a couple of people who are sick and one who just got out of the hospital. Also, there is a couple – not of either parish – who are feeling all not-to-happy-with-themselves. On top of this, tonight I have a memorial service for a young lady who died this past week (she wasn’t a member of either parish).

Next week, I have three meetings, one that is guaranteed to be stressful.

Is it wrong of me to hope we get walloped by that snowstorm weathercasters are predicting is going to hit us between Tuesday and Thursday?

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