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January 13, 2011


by Rev. A. J. Iovine

For some reason, I think the word “tawdry” is the word of the day.

First, last night, after watching part of the pep rally from the University of Arizona that I thought was supposed to be a memorial service for those killed in the rampage of a sick human being last week, the only thing I could think of after watching part of it was that the entire event was tawdry. Maybe it is just me, but the entire event seemed to cheapen the lives of those who were lost that day. It was a pep rally, not a memorial.

And I never want to hear liberal politicians decry a conservative Republican for invoking God in public speeches ever again. Last night, members of President Obama’s cabinet were reading lengthy passages from the Bible. THE BIBLE!! I don’t need to have Attorney General Holder read to me about Jesus Christ. I expect him to be the Attorney General, not a preacher. Again, I couldn’t help but feel that their use of Scripture was more about the political than a true understanding of what they were reading.

Second, this morning on the front page of the New York Post, one of my favorite singers, Sting, is seen with his wife of 18 years. In the article, he spoke of his relationship with his bride, describing it not as “romantic” but as “tawdry.”

I don’t think he understands what that word means.


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