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December 29, 2010

Yes and No

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Yes, the busy Advent – Christmas season has been a culprit for my non-posting.

Yes, even though it is not December 25th, it is still Christmas.

Yes, the parsonage is a disaster area (it needs sprucing up, and fast).

Yes, this year I did manage to find time to get a Christmas tree.

Yes, I did decorate it.

Yes, I am a little drained (burning the candle at both ends is not good).

No, there isn’t a Wednesday night Divine Service tonight.

Yes, there is Morning Prayer at 7:15am on Thursday (though not on Friday).

Yes, our New Year’s Eve Divine Service is at 4:00pm

Yes, Holy Trinity-Garfield’s New Year’s Eve Divine Service is at 7:00pm.

No, there isn’t a Saturday night Divine Service this week.

Yes, there will be a regular Sunday Divine Service on January 2nd beginning at 10:00am.

Yes, the new church leaders will be sworn in this coming Sunday prior to the start of the prayers.

Yes, the  first-of-the-month downstairs in Fellowship Hall fellowship hour is this Sunday.

Yes, I am still not eating meat.

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