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December 9, 2010


Christmas Isn't a "Holiday"

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

I know … I know … but I’ve been busy.

Former LCMS President, Rev. Gerald Kieschnick, has sent out his latest email blast entitled “Don’t Mess with Christmas.” It isn’t too long, so I post it for your reading pleasure

News reports, perhaps particularly on Fox News, which is fairly regularly viewed on my early morning TV screen, have carried recent stories about a number of organizations and events that have changed their name, deleting “Christmas” and inserting “Holiday” as the more politically correct descriptive term. As one might imagine, responses vary considerably. In one case, Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma is boycotting Tulsa’s holiday parade because the word “Christmas” has disappeared from the annual event’s name. The former Tulsa mayor stopped riding in the pageant last year, after 30 years as a regular, when the Christmas Parade of Lights became the more religiously neutral Holiday Parade of Lights. Predictably, the parade organizer’s response, though nebulous and non-specific regarding rationale, supports the name change.

While some may call me old fashioned or narrow-minded, I become more than slightly exercised by this intrusion on a festival that is more than simply a “holiday.” The very term—Christmas—conveys clearly the name of the person in whose honor it was established. It means, literally, “the mass of Christ.” Christmas is the day observed around the world as the birth of Jesus Christ. To substitute “holiday” for “Christmas” simply doesn’t make sense. To suggest that we should do so in order not to offend those who profess a faith other than Christian would lead one to believe that Hanukkah and Kwanza will be the next to lose their distinct identity in favor of some more generic term. Not much chance of that happening, in my humble opinion. For now, and forever, for that matter, I’d say “Don’t Mess with Christmas!” I also say, Merry Christmas!

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  1. Matt Jamison
    Dec 24 2010

    I say we put the MASS back in Christmas!


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