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July 15, 2010


by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Early this morning, I sat in the living room at home staring out the window. There was a refreshing breeze blowing out of the northwest, a blessed sign that the warned about coming heatwave had not arrived just yet. Cooler than recent mornings, the breeze blew into the house, cooling down the rooms and trying to break the back of the indoor humidity. With the New York Post shining up from the iPad and a cup of Senseo dark roast coffee in the cup, it was a normal summer morning, finally.

Of the past several weeks, my days have been confusingly hectic when they really shouldn’t have been. Little calendar events ended up taking more than the time I allotted for them on my schedule. Paperwork because overwhelming. I’ve been struggling to find time to do anything for myself. There are times when I want to turn off the telephone, unhook the internet connection, and just find a quiet place to relax for the briefest of moments. So far this summer, these have been hard to come by; even on my scheduled Monday day off.

But this morning, with the eastern sun peeking through clouds being pushed on ahead by that nice northwest breeze, nothing.

Peaceful, for the briefest of moments.

In Morning Prayer, we’ve been reading the Gospel of Matthew. Every time I read that Jesus took some time away from the crowds and His disciples, I wonder what went through His mind. Of course, we know our Lord Jesus took time to pray, as the Gospel writer clearly tells us. But what of those times when Jesus was just walking to a solitary place, when He arrived and found a place to rest? What kind of restful peace did He find in those very short periods when no one was near Him?

I know for me, this brief moment of nothing provided me a moment to catch my breath, to begin to clear out the cobwebs and focus a little better on the tasks for today.

Nothing. Sometimes that is nice.

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