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April 23, 2010


That and This

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Considering I haven’t posted in a while, I think a quick notes post is appropriate:

– This past week, pastor friends of mine visited our Northern New Jersey hub. We spent time down at the shore (not that anything was open, but took the time to relax and laugh at old seminary stories), in New York City (Hayden Planetarium, Statue of Liberty, and Artie’s), and around our Bergen County area. It was  a fun to reminisce about days in the seminary and talk about issues each of face in the parish. They joined us here at Saint Matthew’s on Wednesday night at our Divine Service. On Friday morning, I drove them to LaGuardia Airport (actually, this is the closest major airport near New Milford) as they returned to their homes in North Dakota and northern Indiana.

One of the more interesting parts of their trip occurred on our visit to the Hayden Planetarium. We watched “Journey to the Stars,” a video narrated by Whoopi Goldberg that described the scientific understanding of the universe. Whenever a clergyman watches a science-based movie or video, our God-antenna is raised. While God reminds us that the end of the world will come like a thief in the night, the video stated rather emphatically that in 5 Billion years, the sun is basically going to fade away and that life on earth may or may not be different than what it is today. Well, I still keep my eggs in God’s basket.

– There has been some discussion regarding the possible T-Mobile cellular flag pole on our property and what it means to Saint Matthew’s and our status as a tax-exempt organization. When the cellular flag pole is erected, the portion of the property that is used for a “business” purpose would be taxable. That means, the square footage outside and inside of the church where any “business” related equipment would be stationed would fall under taxable status. This doesn’t mean the entire church property would be taxable. It is only that small portion of the property that is being used by a business entity would be taxable.

– Toby Keith’s “American Ride,” Carrie Underwood’s “Play On,” and Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” albums are three of my favorite right now.

– This weekend, we celebrate Good Shepherd weekend. The fruits of Jesus’ cross are highlighted in our readings as the love of God truly shines through.

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  1. Jun 3 2010

    Good job. I agree with you.

  2. Jun 3 2010

    Good job. I agree with you.


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