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April 9, 2010


by Rev. A. J. Iovine

It may just be a reaction to some of the news of the day, but this Friday has been a real “Thinking Day.”

This morning’s newspapers were chock full of news that deserve theological comment. From the time I fired up my iPad (yes, I have one) to the moment I flipped open the New York Post, news popped off the screen and the printed page that signaled to this pastor that maybe, just maybe, I should speak out more on issues of the day. Need a for instance?

– The WSJ reports on the hideous party life of Britain’s young people.

– They, as well as other newspapers, report about the latest “missing link” skeleton found by a 9-year old in South Africa.

– The Daily News reports about a man who wanted to end a 30-year marriage on the basis of his wife threatening him with a Samurai sword.

– And, of course, there is that endless Tiger Woods saga that I hope will be buried if he wins the Masters this weekend.

While not overtly theological, each of these stories present a wonderful opportunity to present the Gospel in a loving, understandable way.

Last night during our Elder’s Meeting, one of the topics we discussed dealt with why doesn’t the LC-MS attempt to gain media attention when issues directly related to our faith are in the news. This is, of course, a topic destined for a longer discussion, but it really started to reframe in my sometimes fertile mind that maybe I should make these dances with the God-issue more pronounced. Whether here at The Blog or on my private site, maybe it is time for a further extension of theological teaching.

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