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January 13, 2010

Why Not?

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

I haven’t written about personal stuff here at the Pastor’s Blog in many, many months, relieving the stress of some who felt that the pastor (meaning me), shouldn’t write about “certain topics” on the church website. Of course, I started a personal journal blog at where these possibly inappropriate posts could go.

In my opinion, most of these questionable posts weren’t all that questionable, but I relented and moved all my opinionated pieces off the church website.

This morning, I got to thinking (one of the dangers of waking up too early) — there is more to me than what happens in the LCMS and the church proper. I am a lot more than just a guy who sits down at night reading Luther’s writings. Why should I leave this part of my “pastor’s life” out of a daily discussion of church?

In my mind, the central reason of creating this blog on the church website was to provide insight into my life, which includes a lot of things, not just pastoral stuff. While I do write about theology and the issues facing the church on this blog, all of which are my opinions grounded in faith and theological understanding, why can’t I express deeper non-theological ideas and opinions here?

After wrestling with this issue today, I’ve decided to lift my ban on personal stuff here at the Pastor’s Blog. Yes, I will use my personal journal at for much of my writing, but I will cross-post some of the personal stuff.

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