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January 11, 2010

Start of a New Week

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Last night around 7, I walked into the house, went upstairs to the bedroom, changed my clothes, and crashed. Sitting in that old recliner never felt so good (OK, maybe back some years when I bought it).

During the course of any pastoral ministry, there is most assuredly a “long stretch” that tests any clergy person. It just so happened that my stretch came during a rather busy time in the church calendar – Christmas through Epiphany 1. And yesterday following our memorial service for Rev. Jack Wangerin, I hoped that this stretch has come to an end. While being taxed physically, having the opportunity to share the grace of God in Jesus Christ with so many emboldened me spiritually during this period.

Yet, I was tired last night. Watching the final moments of the Green Bay Packers – Arizona Cardinals playoff game, I realized that I haven’t really watched a complete football game in a long time, not that this bothered me at all. Last night, I was a little surprised as I watched the Cards give up what was considered a rather comfortable lead and being forced to go to overtime, and being stunned as they stole a victory after a terrific defensive play. But that is what makes sports so fun.

Now to shake out the cobwebs (and probably clean them out of the corners in the house) and get ready for what I hope to be a normal week…whatever normal entails, that is.

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